For close to 25 years, Spyder has designed state-of-the-art apparel and race suits for world class ski athletes! The iconic ski and active lifestyle apparel brand specializes in high tech fabrication and sport-specific function and was worn in the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia on the U.S. Ski Team.

Apparel for those in the mountains, on the trail, or racing to the finish, Spyder’s growth has exploded over the turn of the century, and the company is now the largest ski-specialty brand in the world!

Now in store and at www.northbynorthwest.ca, Spyder’s original Core sweaters are made of a special weave rib-knit face material with fleece-backed fabric that have the look and feel of a sweater with the technical performance and comfort of a soft shell. Providing the benefits of wool’s warmth, the soft hand of cotton and the durability of polyester, this proprietary Core technology delivers everything wonderful about winter sweaters!


Yoga Jeans

At heart, they had one simple goal with Yoga Jeans:


After studying Women’s natural curves and body movements, The Wazana Brothers deconstructed traditional denim patterns and fabrics and remade them as a new pair of jeans so comfortable and flexible that a woman could actually practice yoga in them. That’s how Yoga Jeans were born. While most quality fashion goods are produced in China, East Asia and South America, The Wazana Brothers believe strongly in local production and social conscience. They’ve strived against all odds and despite industry standards to adhere to their principles. All of their denim is 100% handcrafted at the Yoga Jeans production facility in Quebec, Canada.

“Manufacturing here in Canada allows us more creativity and better quality control. But most importantly, it just feels right”

North By Northwest is proud to carry such an amazing collection! Come in to one of our select locations to try on a pair of your new favourite jeans!

United By Blue

United By Blue is a company focused on ocean and waterway conservation. They use their business as a way to have a tangible impact on one of the most pressing environmental issues facing our planet: ocean and waterway pollution. Therefore, in 2010 they set out with a simple but meaningful approach to conservation. For every product sold, United By Blue removes one pound of trash from oceans and waterways through company organized and hosted cleanups.

By associating a concrete environmental action with every business transaction, United By Blue are able to have a measurable impact on this important issue.  They accomplish their mission by continuously organizing and hosting ocean and waterway cleanups across the country, bringing together thousands of volunteers to help them pick up things like plastic bottles, tires, cans, appliances, and everything else that makes its way into the aquatic world.

So far, they have hosted 114 cleanups and removed over 180,000 pounds of trash from rivers, streams, creeks, and beaches across 21 US states!!

North By Northwest is very proud to welcome such a fantastic company to the in-store collection!

The Frye Company

On March 10, 1863, John A. Frye opened the doors of a small shop on Elm Street in Marlboro, Massachusetts. The shoes he made served a simple purpose: to provide honest, durable footwear for the residents of the small New England town.

In time, Frye’s family would grow and The Frye Company would expand, becoming artisan manufacturers. Each generation of Frye craftsmen dedicated themselves to the art of shoemaking, creating new patterns, discovering new materials and even inventing shoe-making machinery. The dedication to crafting footwear as functional as it is durable has been their company’s benchmark ever since.

Frye’s history and heritage is told in every stitch of the shoes they have made for 150 years, across cultural shifts and changes in tastes, for generation upon generation. Now, Frye boots are worked and roughed up on country roads and city streets, and chosen above all others for their enduring style and uncompromising quality.

Despite their reach and success as bootmakers, their mission has not changed since their days on Elm Street — to make the best-looking, hardest-working shoes with enduring style!


Gestalt Belts

North By Northwest is proud to carry a new line of Canadian made belts and buckles!

What’s great about belt buckles by Gestalt is that you get limitless possibilities for design, coupled with a one of a kind, hand worked piece of stainless steel as its canvas. Did we mention that it also keeps your pants from falling off? In addition, buckles can be snapped off the belt and a new one can be put on!

All belts are North American leather, beautiful, heavy and full grain, hand soaked in oil for softness and hand dyed to ensure the beauty of leather. Made in Waterloo, Ontario, we are proud to carry such a beautiful product that comes from so close to home!

Olukai Footwear

A bare foot sinks slowly into wet sand. All at once it cups the heel and fills the arch while the toes splay out. Inspired by the feeling of bare feet in wet sand, Olukai builds their footwear with anatomically contoured footbeds to deliver the perfect balance of instant comfort and lasting support.

Every product they make offers style, durability, and comfort from heel to toe. They pay close attention to every element of design, starting with the use of custom-made lasts and anatomical footbeds to ensure superior fit. Premium materials are carefully selected to be beautiful, durable, and soft against your skin. Handcrafted details honor island culture with authentic artwork.

North By Northwest is proud to carry Olukai, a brand that maintains the commitment to quality for those who wear them and those who craft them!

Sperry Top-Sider

Whether you’re spending time by land or by sea, Sperry Top-Sider’s boat shoes keep you looking good all year round. Their sailing shoes are made with the finest materials to last for years to come. Sperry deck shoes are designed by engineers to keep you steady on slippery surfaces.

An avid sailor and inventor, who almost lost his life to a slippery deck, Paul Sperry spent years and dozens of experiments trying to perfect a non-slip boat shoe. As Paul Sperry watched his cocker spaniel, Prince, run across the ice on a winter’s day in Connecticut, he noticed his dog’s amazing ability to maintain traction on the slippery surface. Turning over Prince’s paw, he observed hundreds of tiny cracks and cuts going in all directions. These wave-like grooves became the inspiration for Mr. Sperry’s latest patent, called Razor-SipingTM, and were instrumental in maximizing the traction and performance of the Authentic Original Sperry Top-Sider first introduced in 1935.

Since inventing the first boat shoe, the brand continues to share their “Passion for the Sea” with those who enjoy the good life in, on and around the ocean!




Nature created Icebreaker merino wool as protection against the scorching summers and freezing winters of New Zealand’s rugged Southern Alps mountain range.

It’s the ultimate field test – humans are clever, but nature is smarter! So instead of trying to design a better fibre, Icebreaker adapted merino wool into a lightweight system of all-season garments for people.

Breathable in summer, insulating in winter, yet exceptionally soft and lightweight – Icebreaker has pioneered the use of merino wool in the wilderness since 1994, and have now fused nature and technology to create merino layers for the outdoors, for performance sports, and for the city!

Today, the Icebreaker apparel system has grown to include underwear, mid layer garments, outerwear, socks and accessories for men, women and kids! You can buy Icebreaker in more than 3000 stores in 43 countries… including in each North By Northwest location across Ontario!

Nikwax Waterproofing

Nikwax manufactures high quality cleaning and waterproofing products that prolongs the life and enhances the performance of clothing, footwear & equipment. Whether you work or spend your leisure time outside, Nikwax keeps you dry!

Nikwax products are EASY to use. The products go exactly where needed; less product is wasted, saving you money. You can treat gear with Nikwax in your washing machine, by hand or by using our spray-on products.

Nikwax products are SAFE to use. No propellant gases, non-toxic, no fluorocarbons, environmentally safe. It’s WaterBased. By using Nikwax you can renew your gear and reduce the impact on the earth’s resources.

Nikwax products keep you DRY. Nikwax ensures you get maximum performance from your gear so you stay dry, warm and comfortable in wet weather. Enjoy your time in the outdoors (even if it is work!!)

Stay dry, warm and comfortable with Nikwax Waterproofing.


During the course of a lifetime, no other part of the body is subject to so much strain as our feet. With features like a contoured cork footbed, a deep heel cup, and a roomy toe box, Birkenstock clogs and sandals provide more than simply cushioning. Birkenstock footwear provides the perfect balance of firm support and shock resistance allowing your feet and body to be naturally supported.

Birkenstock is based on the simple principles of health and wellness, quality workmanship and materials, and a respect for the environment. Did you know that Birkenstock created the original contoured footbed that supports and shapes to your foot when walking? And it’s made of 100% natural and renewable cork. You could call it sustainable comfort!

As a family owned and operated business for over 200 years, all Birkenstock footwear is still made in Germany; a tradition that requires a natural respect for both the environment and future generations.

North By Northwest is proud to be carrying a brand that is supporting your feet and the environment, at the same time!